Sigma PowderCoaters is one of the first manufacturing company that offers a service to powder coat on mdf/supawood for the furniture, retail display, kitchen and shopfitting industry in South Africa. 


We pride ourselves on quality and constantly explore the science and engineering behind wood powder coating to offer our client base the best in South Africa. 


We are a BEE L1 company.


We would love for you to grow with us!


Discover design freedom with the flexibility to create unique yet durable products. Define shapes, create custom edge profiles, and pick a colour, any colour!


The powder coated finish is seamless, making it 

possible to not only apply shapes to the outside of a component, but also to the inside. We use CNC controlled technology to define precise 

contours, cutouts, embossing, etchings or surface designs. 


Wood powder coating provides amazing design flexibility, quick turn-around on all products and is environmentally friendlier. Because powder coated components are completely encapsulated by the coating, the finish provides durability and protection unlike other finishes. The fused coating does not delaminate or separate from the edge.

The powder coated MDF is resistant to: Abrasion, Scratches, Stains, Impact , Moisture , Chemicals.The seamless nature of powder coating prevents any possibility of accumulation of  bacteria or grime.Wood Powder Coating is a very environmentally safe and green product. Even more so now that the MDF we use is A grade certified, which means it has the lowest levels of toxins in the industry. Making it not only safer to work with but better for the consumer in every way.

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Our Process

From project consultation to shipment, we work to exceed your expectations, which extends from our experienced team to our state-of-the-art machining and powder application, you can expect amazing design flexibility, a quick turnaround, and an environmentally friendly product that can be used in many applications.


Our technology includes:


-Nesting machine, drilling machines, and sanders

-A state-of-the-art wood powder coating system

-Proprietary part preparation, curing, and finish hardness processes



-High Performance

-Cost effective

-High Durability

-Colours & impressions

-Environmentally Friendly

-Design freedom: All possible shapes and edge finishing including personalising of parts: e.g. milled out logo’s and a wide spectrum of standard colours and customer-linked colour.